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Meet Our Dance Team!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The ¿CÓMO SABRÉ? music video has now been honored for Dance and Choreography by four music video festivals — and we wanted to take a moment to introduce our dance team. Tap the photos to find them on Instagram and follow their work!

Dance and movement throughout the video was choreographed by Nikki Keeshin, a professional dancer, choreographer, and actor. After receiving her BFA in Dance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Nikki moved to Los Angeles. She has danced in various music videos, The Radio Disney Music Awards, and more.

Most recently she can be seen in K Camp’s “Lottery” music video and in Ryan

Murphy’s “The Prom” on Netflix.

Jackie Ramos performed as lead dancer in the ¿Cómo Sabré? music video. Jackie is originally from San Antonio, TX. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona she trained in various styles into college where she obtained her bachelors degree focused in fashion and marketing. Upon moving to Los Angeles she chose to continue to pursue her dreams as a professional dancer.

A proud Debbie Reynolds Scholarship alumna, Jackie has danced alongside

artists such as Janet Jackson, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Billie

Eilish, and more. She has worked closely with companies such as the NFL, Nike,

Skechers, and NutriLite.

She has also performed on world renowned stages including, Madison

Square Garden, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, The Grammys,

IHeartRadio, The Ellen Show, Latin Grammys, and many more.

Omar Israel Canedo performed as a dancer in the ¿Cómo Sabré? music video. Omar grew up in Mexico for 13 years before moving to Alaska. He began dancing at 16, and after graduating high school, joined The Young Americans. With this group Omar traveled around the world teaching dance, song and improve with the purpose of teaching students about self-confidence.

Upon returning to Alaska, he taught at various dance studios and after-school programs, finding his passion in hip hop and contemporary. He has since moved to Los Angeles to realize his dream to become a professional dancer.


The ¿Cómo Sabré? music video was produced by So Foreign Productions:

  • Creative Design: Mariana Brassaroto

  • Production Manager: Albina Katsman

  • Director of Photography: Mark Farney

  • Visual Effects: Tonia Wallander

  • Production Assistant: Stanley Lovell Williams


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